Dental Insurance is a great resource for shoppers looking to compare Texas dental insurance options. The site provides free quotes and plan benefits on the leading dental insurance polices in the state of Texas.

Dental Insurance Plans in Texas

There are three types of dental insurance plans offered in Texas. In order to choose the best plan, it’s important to understand the three different types of dental coverage.

HMO Dental Insurance: Limited Network of Dentists
Indemnity Dental: Go to Any Dentist, but less savings
PPO Dental: Go to ANY PPO dentist and get access to lower rates

Dental Plans – Consumer Warning

Discount dental plans are NOT INSURANCE. The discount plans provide reduced rates on dental services. Members receive a “discount card” that allows unlimited services at a discounted rate. It is normally a discounted fee schedule that is NOT very beneficial to the member. The savings the member receives on dental care is typically the same rate you can get by simply asking your dentist for a cash rate.

Discount dental plans are not insurance and you are required to pay your entire dental bill at time of service. Some of the discount dental plans in the state of Texas are Aetna, Cigna, HumanaOne, Careington, and Patriot Health to name a few. Keep in mind companies like Aetna, Cigna, and HumanaOne do offer REAL coverage as well, but often trick consumers into buying a $99 discount card. Companies make a great deal of money off discount cards because they pocket the money and do not use ANY of the money toward your dental bill.

Real Dental Insurance for Texas

For Texas residents looking for Real dental insurance we strongly recommend visiting It is a simple site ran bye agents licensed to conduct business in the state of Texas. They only offer Real dental insurance plans and can help guide you to the best plan options.